"Helsinki Selfie"

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The Challenge

I’m just back from Helsinki, Finland and a visit to the Cathedral in Senate Square. On the way through the square there’s a statue of the Grand Duke of Finland Alexander II and four allegorical sculptures, one of which adopts a pose that instantly scrams selfie so I couldn’t resist doing the obvious thing..

The Solution

I took a quick snap with the mobile phone and put it aside until I was back home. I tried using some of Photoshop’s generative AI tools to place a phone in the statue’s hand just to see what it was capable of but it got nowhere close predictably so I done it old skool. Not that I would have passed off AI as my own work! I looked for suitable images of mobile phones at the correct or close angle but decided to just create one instead using the rectangle shape tool and rounded corners to create a rough phone shape then filled with black. I copied the layer and moved it a bit to make it look 3D then merged both layers and cut around the hand to make it look like it was being held.

Next I added a phone holder coming through the back of the hand and pasted the Apple logo on the back of the phone, adjusting skew and angles to make both the logo and holder match the phone position and angle. Finally I added an artistic phone glow and adjusted overall levels and vibrance/saturation as well as adding a slight moody vignette as seems to be my style..

"Helsinki Selfie"

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